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"Take Me Out To The Ballgame" 2014 Three Rivers Jazzaffair

"It's Only A Paper Moon" with Guitarist Katie Cavera (two acoustic guitars can swing for dancing!) Glacier Jazz Stampede 2013

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2010 Video
"Ou-Es Tu, Mon Amour?" (Where Are You, My Love?)
Live video of the Jerry Krahn Band at the Suncoast Jazz Festival, Clearwater, FL November, 2010


Nashville, TN., where players and old Volvos meet. Chat a bit with a musician, they may say "I have one; or I had one. Great car!"

Catch a video glimpse of Jerry playing the Arch de Lutan with an intro by builder Jim Ellsberry at Arch de Lutan Jim also has a nice feature at AcousticGuitar.
Jerry plans and endorses Ellsberry Guitars.

Ellsberry Arch de Lutan


The Style
Spirited, lyrical, smoky and jazz-edged guitar sounds are what you will hear from acoustic archtop guitarist Jerry Krahn. Jerry brings his unique no-amps acoustic guitars to the stage in the styles of early jazz guitar masters Eddie Lang and Django Reinhart. His arrangements of 20’s and 30’s jazz and pop standards are delivered with a flair. Jerry carries these guitars into the 21st century with soulful versions of contemporary jazz, personal compositions and jazz-laced countrypolitan hits combining styles of Joe Pass, Chet Atkins, George Benson and Pat Metheny.

Hello Guitar Friends,
Years back I was playing a New Orleans style jazz brunch here in Nashville. The clarinet, trombone and guitar trio really needed the distinctive "chunk" of an archtop guitar, other than my trusty flattop produced. As I grabbed a 1946 Epiphone Broadway off the wall at Gruhn guitars, placed it in my lap and strummed a few rhythm chords, I knew instantly I had found a new musical soul mate. Many "chomps" later (along with more Epiphones) that love affair continues to grow.

There is "a thing" the archtops were made to do that no other guitar quite can. The locking into a swinging drummer and acoustic bassist; comping rhythm behind a cornet or clarinet; the warm vibrations of the hand carved wood vibrating in your arms and chest; the f-holes swirling lush tones around your head.

As I began to research and discover the early masters of this style; Eddie Lang, Carl Kress, George Van Epps, Al Hendrickson, Allan Reuss, Steve Jordan, Marty Groz and contemporary master Bucky Pizzarelli, I began to understand the grace and intimacy along with the capable sheer power of these hand crafted instruments. Listen to the rhythm guitar in a lush Sinatra recording, or the Les and Larry Elgart (sans piano) big band with a guitar chair often occupied by Barry Gailbrath. If one still needs convincing, drop a Basie record on the turntable. A few measures will reveal that unique niche brought to life by rhythm master Freddie Green.

My first solo CD Garden in the Rain was dedicated to the players, artisans and listeners of the archtop guitar. The second release No Wires Attached carries on with a tip of the hat to more greats including legend Ed "Snoozer" Quinn and jazz performer George Benson. I also hope you hear hints of Django, who surely knew how to harness the power and fire of an acoustic jazz guitar. I enjoy adding contemporary songs and original material, hoping to display the versatility of these wonderful guitars. The quartet and quintet CD Midwest Dreams takes my guitar into the soft and comfortable sounds of smooth jazz and pop; backed by piano, bass, drums and accordion. Newly released Tell Me I'm Crazy offers a similar approach, this time traveling a Nashville and L.A. country-pop journey with a jazz sensibility.

I have been fortunate to be a member of the jazz ensemble Titan Hot Seven, on recordings and touring. This group entertains thousands of jazz fans around the world; cruises and traditional "hot jazz" festivals around the country. Here in Nashville I have wonderful opportunities to utilize the archtop in my own quartet/quintet, along with western swing bands including the Grammy nominated The Time Jumpers; and the Carolyn Martin Swing Band.

When in the Nashville area, I encourage you to look me up and we will catch some of the great variety of music we have to offer here. On every Sunday night, the tradition of swing and hot jazz continues in Music City (please see the schedule page). In the meantime, thanks for visiting the site. Please browse the pages for reviews, CDs, photos and contact information.

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